Mechat vs Lovelink – Which Is The No 1 Dating Game In 2022?

Mechat vs Lovelink are both great virtual dating games, but which one is better to play? Read our comparison of these 2 games to know which one is suitable for you.

Is Mechat The Same As Lovelink?

Mechat is like a copy of Lovelink. They copied the beginning of some of the storylines in Lovelink, but they changed the plots. You will be surprised that half of the character ideas/stories in Lovelink and Mechat are the same.

MeChat has a fairly diverse range of characters, story-wise and look-wise, but Lovelink doesn’t force you into sexual situations a majority of the time or give the option to decline.

Game Like Mechat?

  • Winked: Episodes of Romance: Find love and link with your virtual crush in Winked – a dating simulator game!
  • Love Star – Choices Story: Get ready for the best text-based love story gameˇ!
  • maybe: Interactive Stories: Become the main character in an exciting love story: customize the characters from your favorite episodes and novels, and choose between stories of love, secrets, adventures, or passion.

Mechat Free Gems

Lovelink Free Gems


Mechat and Lovelink are both great games. Each game has its advantages and disadvantages. We hope you will know which one is suitable for you from this article. Have fun!

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