how to make a mechat account

How To Make A Mechat Account in 2023

Welcome to Mechat with a completely new way to meet people on the internet.

Welcome to Mechat with a completely new way to meet people on the internet.

How To Make A Mechat Account?

You can create a Mechat account by linking your account with Cloud or Facebook. This way will help you save your account data online.

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How To Delete Mechat Account?

Once you link Mechat account with Cloud or Facebook, the data will still be there even if you clear data and delete the game on your phone. This makes it hard to restart the game. So here is the right way to delete your Mechat account:

  1. Log out of your Facebook or Cloud account.
  2. Open Mechat app setting and clear all data.
  3. Delete the game and reinstall it.
  4. Open Mechat but don’t log in, so the new data will be saved on your device and not retrieved from Cloud/Facebook.
  5. After a while, log in to your Facebook or Cloud.
  6. Happy playing.

How To Reset Mechat?

You can reset Mechat by deleting Mechat on your phone, reinstalling it, and playing as a guest. Remember to clear all data and log out of your Facebook before you delete the game.

Does Mechat Save Progress?

Yes, Mechat saves your progress on Facebook or Cloud if you log in or device local if you play as a guest.

How Does Mechat Work?

MeChat gives players a chance to match with characters who are only available for a short time. If you want to swipe on an exclusive character, you’ll have to pay to do so. You can date your characters in the end.

Read is Mechat Nsfw to know which character contains NSFW graphics.

Mechat is a fun game, but if you want to choose the premium choices, it will cost a lot of gems. It’s really hard to bypass if you don’t spend a literal hundred dollars. Not many people can afford this.

Don’t worry! There is a simple way to get free gems fast on Mechat.

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Mechat is a really fun game. Here, we’ve shown you how to make and delete a Mechat account. We hope you enjoy Mechat more. It’s time to play!

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