how to match with everyone in mechat

Mechat How To Match With Everyone In 2023

Hello, Mechat Lovers! Want to know Mechat how to match with everyone? This guide will teach you. Read it now!

Hello, Mechat Lovers! Want to know how matches with everyone on Mechat? This article will teach you. Read it now!

How To Match On Mechat?

Mechat is a virtual dating game that you can play on both Android and IOS. You can match many characters in this game, and each one has a different storyline.

At the start of the game, you will choose your gender and preferences. The game will rely on this to give you a list of characters that are right for you. Just scroll through and choose the one you like.

Mechat Free Gems

How To Get Matches On Mechat?

Mechat will show you random profiles from a pool of every character you have not yet matched with. If you don’t like the character Mechat gave you, you can get rid of it by pressing the X icon or swiping left or right. All you have to do now is to find the person you love and press the Heart icon.

Sometimes, you will see that Mechat will automatically match a character with you.

Every day, Mechat will give you 15 free random profiles. If you ignore all these profiles, you will need to spend 33 gems or wait for 20 minutes to meet 10 new profiles.

Mechat Why Can’t I Match?

There are 3 common reasons that make you can not match with someone on Mechat:

  1. You have already matched with 5 characters for the day.
  2. We can’t match characters whose stories haven’t been released yet. No matter how many times you press the Heart icon, a match won’t happen until Mechat has loaded their storylines. To check what character is available and unavailable, please read here.
  3. You’ve matched with a counterpart of one character, thereby locking you out.

Why Can’t I Match With Some People On Mechat?

In Mechat, some characters have their counterparts. If you’ve matched with one character, you are unable to match with their counterparts. This makes it hard to match with everyone. You can read Mechat Matches to learn more about Matches and Counterparts.

Mechat How To Match With Everyone?

The good news is that after version 2.14.1, Mechat allows you to match with a counterpart, although doing so resets the progress! Simply unmatch your current match, wait for the counterpart to appear in the swiping stack, and click the Heart icon. Please note that any CGs and premium options that you have unlocked with your old chat DO NOT carry over to your new chat.

Keep in mind. The matching system is completely random. The game will always show you a random profile from a pool of every unmatched character in the game. If you haven’t seen the character you want to match yet, it doesn’t mean the game block that person from you. Please be patient, they always come up in the end.

With this method, you can now match with all characters you want!

Gems are a costly currency that may be used to unlock rare scenes in the game. You may get gems both for free and for pay.

Mechat Free Gems

Can You Date On Mechat?

Dates are part of the game. After a certain number of texts, you’ll be asked to go on a date with your match! There are some premium choices such as special scenes or dialog with your match in dates. However, It will cost a lot of gems to unlock those choices.


In this article, we show you all the reasons why can’t you match with some characters and how to solve this problem. Hope you will have a good time with Mechat. Happy playing!

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