Episode Choose Your Story Free Gems And Passes Cheats 2022

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Episode Choose Your Story Review

What Is Episode Choose Your Story?

Episode Choose Your Story is a mobile app available on the iOS and Android platforms. It’s an interactive storytelling game that allows you to become a character in their own adventure story. You create your own character, go on quests, make friends, fall in love, and face challenges together! There are also some fun mini-games thrown in for good measure.

How To Play Episode Choose Your Story?

Your character starts out with a single story, and then you get to choose the path they take. This is one of the interactive storytelling elements in the game. After you make your choice, you’ll move along the storyboard and collect points as you go. You can also buy prizes for your character through in-app purchases.

#1: Create Your Character Every player in Episode Choose Your Story chooses a character to play as. You’ve got plenty of options here, from classic characters like wizards, princesses, and vampires to more unique ones like pandas, unicorns, and zombies. Once you decide on a character, it will determine what stories are available for you to play. Characters have different backgrounds so that they can be paired up with other characters for adventures – for example, magical creatures (like wizards) might team up with non-magical creatures (like zombies).

#2: Choose Your Path When you create your character, you get to choose the main storyline that defines the starting point in the game. These stories are broken into chapters. As soon as your character completes another chapter of that storyline, they can then choose a new one if they want or they can keep playing the same one. For example, if I started out as a wizard and completed chapter 1 of my wizard storyline, I could either continue on with chapter 2 or start over with a new one, like making friends or facing challenges instead, which would start me at chapter 1 again.

How To Get Episode Choose Your Story?

Episode Choose Your Story is a free download and has tons of content, so there is no reason not to try it out! Whether you use this app as a way to pass the time on an airplane or to connect with your kids during family time, it’s worth the download. And if you’re feeling nostalgic for old-school storytelling after reading this review, we recommend getting this game on Google Play or App Store.

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What Are Passes In Episode?

Passes are an important gaming element that is utilized to read tales on Episode. They are offered in a variety of bundles, including an immediate in-app purchase, three free tickets every four hours, and a user code obtained inside the app.

How To Get Free Passes On Episode Choose Your Story?

There are currently only a few legit ways of obtaining passes for free:

  1. You’ll have to wait four hours for your passes to regenerate back to three or more passes.
  2. Playing a story that has just received fresh episodes. This will get you one additional ticket to experience the beginning of the next chapter.
  3. Use cheat codes provided by other users on the internet or social media.
  4. Use Episode Choose Your Story cheats for passes.

What Are Gems In Episode?

Gem is an expensive currency in Episode. It can be used to buy items in the in-app shop or open a secret screen in the story.

Episode Choose Your Story How To Get Free Gems?

There are a few ways to get Episode Choose Your Story free gems:

  1. Watch ads. You can watch up to three videos per day.
  2. Complete quests in the story.
  3. Invite friends and earn gems.
  4. Redeem daily rewards.
  5. Buy gems with real money.
  6. Use Episode cheat codes.
  7. Use Episode Choose Your Story cheats for gems.

Episode Cheat Codes 2022

Episode Choose Your Story will give players 2 to 3 cheat codes on their Facebook page every month. You will get a random gift when you use it on your account.

April 2022 Episode Choose Your Story Free Gems

  • Episodefree: 100 gems.
  • Episodebonus: 200 gems.
  • Episodeaprilgift: 50 gems.

May 2022 Episode Choose Your Story Free Passes

  • episodeunlimitedpasses: 200 passes.
  • episodefreepasses: 500 passes.

How To Hack episode choose your story?

Did you know that you can also hack Episode Choose Your Story game and get unlimited gems and passes? It’s true! You don’t have to leave your game experience at the mercy of developers who obviously don’t care about how frustrated their players are becoming.

With our Episode Choose Your Story mod apk unlimited passes and gems, you can get anything you want in a matter of minutes without spending a single dollar. Sounds interesting? Simply scroll down to get this Episode Choose Your Story cheats Android and iPhone for free of charge.

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Episode Choose Your Story is a mobile app game with storytelling and interactive storytelling elements. You create virtual characters called “characters” who then go on adventures, fall in love, make friends, and face challenges together.

The game is available for download on iOS or Android. You can also purchase some packs that unlock new content to get you started. As of now, there are no ads, but we imagine they will show up in the future so keep an eye out! If you want to try it out before making a decision on whether or not to download it, the first episode is free, so you can see if it’s your style!

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