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Latest Crush Crush Free Diamonds Cheats 2022

Hey, guys! Guess what? Now you can acquire unlimited Crush Crush free diamonds using our secret method!

Hey, guys! Guess what? Now you can acquire unlimited Crush Crush free diamonds using our secret method!

Crush Crush Review

What Is Crush Crush?

Sad Panda Studios, a Canadian game company, produced Crush Crush, an incremental game, and a dating sim. In early 2016, the game was launched as a browser game on Kongregate; then in mid-2016, it was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

How To Play Crush Crush?

Crush Crush is a very simple game to play. All you need to do is: Crush Crush is a game where the more you play, the more you will learn. The first few times you play, you won’t be able to complete every level and understand all of the features. Crush Crush is very similar to Blush Blush in that it is a casual game that is easy to pick up and put down whenever you have the time to play.

When you start frying burgers, the bar will fill up, and you will earn money (yay!). Even if you quit the game, you’ll continue to earn money for flipping all those burgers, and if you stick with it, you could even progress up the ranks and earn a little more. After a few flips, you’ll have enough to get your new girlfriend out of the hospital, then go pay her bills and watch what happens.

Match with attractive anime females and enjoy charming your way to romance. Chat with your crush and go on dates with your entertaining female pals seeking love. Earn money via side jobs and hobbies to increase your chances of meeting these attractive females.

Purchase presents and clothing for your partner to increase their devotion to you. As your love develops, you’ll be able to unlock more photographs and speech suggestions!

How To Get Crush Crush?

There are many dating sim games out there, but Crush Crush is one of the best because it is so simple and easy to play. Crush Crush is a great game for anyone who likes casual games or for anyone who is looking for a game to play while spending time away from the computer.

Crush Crush is a great game to play, no matter your dating type! Get it now at Google PlayApp Store, and Stream.

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What Are Gems On Crush Crush?

Diamonds are the premium currency in Crush Crush. They may be used to gild occupations and hobbies, buy time blocks and speed enhancements, skip resets, and act as a currency substitute. Diamonds may also be used to buy costumes and time jumps.

How To Reset Crush Crush?

How To Get Diamonds In Crush Crush?

Here are some ways to get Crush Crush free diamonds:

  1. You typically get 1-3 diamonds when you reach a relationship level with a character.
  2. You get 11 diamonds in total for completing all relationship levels. 
  3. Redeem daily event rewards.
  4. Purchase in the store for real money.
  5. Invite friends.
  6. Use Crush Crush cheat codes.

Crush Crush Cheat Codes 2022

Crush Crush will give players 2 to 3 cheat codes on their Instagram every month. You will get a random gift when you use it on your account.

April 2022 Crush Crush Free Diamonds

  • Crushcrushfree: 100 gems.
  • Crushcrushbonus: 200 gems.
  • Crushcrushaprilgift: 50 gems.

May 2022 Crush Crush Unlimited Diamonds

  • Crushcrushmay: 200 diamonds.
  • Crushcrushfreegift: 500 diamonds.

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Crush Crush?

To gain Crush Crush unlimited diamonds, you’ll need software that really can cheat the game’s algorithm system, such as Crush Crush diamond generator or Crush Crush mod apk. Luckily, we have such software on our website. Simply enter your username and select the number of diamonds you want. Then, our Crush Crush diamond generator tool online will create and send those diamonds to your account as a gift.

How To Hack Crush Crush?

The issue with Crush Crush is that it’s difficult to proceed without spending money on diamonds. Don’t worry! Our Crush Crush hack will provide you with unlimited diamonds free of charge in just 5 minutes. Scroll down to learn how to get our Crush Crush cheats

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Crush Crush Cheats Diamond Android IOS Stream

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Crush Crush is a free-to-play game on mobile where you meet an assortment of weird and wonderful creatures called Crushers. These little guys are shy at first, but they will quickly become your friend with some special attention.

Crush Crush is a simple game that involves meeting new Crushers and giving them gifts so they feel comfortable around you and can start to like you back. The more you play, the more Crush Crushers you’ll meet, and the sooner you’ll have your own happy ending with one of them.

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