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Here you can learn all the secret methods to get Blush Blush free diamonds fast!

Here you can learn all the secret methods to get Blush Blush free diamonds fast!

Blush Blush Review

What Is Blush Blush?

What is Blush Blush

Blush Blush is a Dating Game with an Idle Game. It is a lighthearted plot in which the player must save a group of fun and gorgeous anime boys who have all been afflicted by horrible magic. A curse that can only be broken by the power of love.

How To Play Blush Blush?

The gameplay is simple! It’s mostly an idle game with clicker features for gameplay, and the player must use their time wisely by doing different professions, accumulating stat points, and organizing dates and presents for their love interests. A blend of tactics and plot, the player will eventually become an adept dater, with the opportunity to woo over a dozen people, with more planned in the future.

Blush Blush Pros

Blush Blush fits into the latter category, having an intriguing tale that you will be a part of as you continue through the game. Because this is a dating simulator, your choices will have an impact on your tale. But don’t worry since the outcome will be the same in every case.

Blush blush’s plot is a pretty casual walkthrough of you rescuing a group of fun and gorgeous anime males who have all been afflicted with a dreadful spell. Only the power of Love can naturally break this spell.

Controls on a mobile platform cannot be made difficult since people would not like playing it. The game is simple to play, with no complicated controls that need the practice to master. Only games in the casual category benefit from this feature. Furthermore, the job and rewards sections are quite straightforward to reach without having to seek around for the necessary items.

The visuals are outstanding, with no optimization concerns, and players may enjoy the game even if they have a low-end device.

Blush Blush Cons

For the time being, there are no disadvantages. The creators are also continually upgrading and adding new content to the game to provide variation.

How To Get Blush Blush?

Blush Blush is a casual game featuring the gameplay concept ‘Dating.’ You Can play this game on your computer by getting it on Steam for free of charge, or if you are a person who prefers mobile games, you can download it on Google Play. Happy playing!

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What Are Diamonds On Blush Blush?

In Blush Blush, diamonds are the premium currency. You can use them to improve jobs and hobbies, buy time blocks and speed boosts, skip resets, and use them instead of cash. You can also buy clothes and time skips with gems.

Diamond purchases last through soft resets, but you can skip time with them and use them instead of cash. Character bundles and pinups are the only things you can buy with diamonds that will still be there after a hard reset.

Blush Blush What Stats Do You Need To Max Out All Guys?

When To Reset Blush Blush?

Blush Blush How To Unlock The Coming Soon Characters?

How To Unlock Uncensored In Blush Blush?

When Will Blush Blush Come Out On iOS/iPhone?

How Do You Get More Diamonds On Blush Blush?

Here are some tips to help you get Blush Blush free gems:

  1. When you first reach a certain relationship level with a character, you get 1 diamond. When you first reach the ninth relationship level, you get 3 diamonds.
  2. Redeem daily event rewards.
  3. Purchase gems in the store for real money.
  4. Invite your friends to get gems.
  5. Use Blush Blush cheat codes.
  6. Use Blush Blush mod apk.
  7. Use Blush Blush Diamond Generator.

Blush Blush Cheat Codes Free Diamonds 2023

Every month, developers give 2-3 Blush Blush cheat codes on Facebook. Players who enter these cheat codes on their accounts can have a chance to get Blush Blush free diamonds.

[Working List] Blush Blush Free Diamonds Codes

Cheat CodesRewards
L2UG7gXsJT50 gems
Js77VuMvRZ100 gems
Fhb8Zg6vXZ100 gems
YDLnVDZob7Random gems
nUJFCbQyztRandom Items

We update cheat codes daily. If the codes don’t work, write them in the comments and we will update them

How to enter Cheat Codes in Blush Blush?

  1. Launch the Blush Blush game.
  2. Tap on the gem symbol located in the lower left corner.
  3. Scroll down and select the “Redeem Code” box.
  4. Input a cheat code into the “Cheat Code” box and hit “Redeem”.
  5. If the cheat code is valid, your rewards will be immediately available. In case it doesn’t work, simply refresh the game and they should appear.

How to Hack Blush Blush?

If you want to cheat this game to earn infinite diamonds, we have a Blush Blush hack tool for you. This hack works on both mobile and pc. The best part is that you will never be banned from the game as the algorithm cannot identify these Blush Blush cheats.

Scroll down to get Blush Blush game cheats mod apk for free of charge!

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Blush Blush Free Diamonds Mod APK

  • Game name: Blush Blush
  • Mod features: Unlimited diamonds, Unlock Everything
  • Needs OBB: NO
  • Needs Root: NO
  • Platform: Android only

Attention: The Blush Blush mod apk is only compatible with Android devices and will reset your progress. If you are an iOS user or wish to retain your progress, kindly scroll down. We have a Blush Blush Gem Generator available for you.

Blush Blush Diamond Generator

One of the major drawbacks of using the Blush Blush Mod Apk is that it will erase your progress and prevent you from updating the game to the latest version. To overcome these issues, our Blush Blush gem generator offers a solution.

What is the Blush Blush gem generator? Our generator is an efficient way to acquire unlimited gems. The process is straightforward: We utilize a specific loophole in the game to gather a large amount of gems in one of our Blush Blush accounts. All you need to do is provide us with your username in Blush Blush, and we will send you a gift with the desired number of gems. This approach does not violate the terms of service, as it is just a gift from friends and won’t result in a ban on your account.



You already know whether or not you want to download the game after reading the post. We highly advise you to play the game, and we assure you will fall in love with it. If you think Blush Blush is too girly for you, try Crush Crush!

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