Are Any Lovelink Stories Finished?

Curious if there is anyone that you can play through till the end? Check this.

Curious if there is anyone that you can play through till the end? Check this.

Lovelink is an interactive virtual reality romance game that allows you to steer the conversation in which you are engaged based on your preferences. Dive into an all-new dating experience with a storyline that features engaging, exciting, and thrilling individuals with whom you interact.

Lovelink can help you turn your wildest dreams into a reality, whether you want to date a kpop star or flirt with a royal prince; the site offers a suitable partner for everyone. Every single character has a special tale in store for you! If you take care of yourself and make good decisions, you never know who may ask you out on a date!

Are Any Lovelink Stories Finished? Even though there are a lot of storylines in Lovelink, there are only a few of them that you can finish playing all the way through. At this time, the only characters who have really an actual ending are Antoine/Noah/Nina, Adam/Dominic, Guillermo, and Finley! More ending tales will be added shortly.

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This is the most important part of the article, so let’s get it out of the way first. While the studio has stated that some of the game’s stories are finished, it is unclear which ones are included in this group. Overall, we do not have any information about which of Lovelink’s stories have been fully finished. For the sake of transparency and clarity, we are explicitly saying that some of the game’s stories have been finished. This does not mean that the others have been fully finished, but only that they have reached a conclusion. We want to stress that we are not saying that the game’s stories have been fully finished because this is not the case. However, we are also not saying that they have not been finished, so the exact status of the story mode is unclear.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Lovelink is an indie puzzle game that was originally released on Steam in January 2018. Developer Smiling Dave Studios has announced via a blog post that it has stopped iterating on Lovelink and will instead focus its efforts on creating new games. While this doesn’t mean that all of the game’s stories have been finished, it does mean that they won’t be further expanded. The post goes on to explain why this decision has been made and what future ideas the team has for its other games.

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