When To Reset Blush Blush?

This blog will help you find out when you should reset Blush Blush.

Why Do You Need To Reset Blush Blush?

You will lose all your money and your levels after resetting the game but it gives the speed boost and makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play. You’ll reach the point you were at much faster the next time around as dates, jobs, and hobbies run much faster after a reset.

If you find yourself waiting around for more than a few hours or a day or so for anything to happen, do a soft reset to get your reset boosts. It is highly recommended that you rest quite a bit until you reach the max reset boost. The maximum number of resetting is currently 256.

When To Reset Blush Blush?

You can reset Blush Blush whenever you want. In the beginning, when the game starts to slow down, it’s a good idea to reset the game. When you reset, it takes your reset boost and increases the speed of everything by that amount. You can reset the game as many times as you want, so do it whenever you want.

As you go on, you will feel like the resets are giving you less benefit because an x5 boost doesn’t seem like much when you already have an x500 boost. But if you keep working on it, your boost will get bigger and bigger.

Tips Before You Reset Blush Blush

Before you decide to reset Blush Blush, make sure that you follow these tips. Resetting a game is not something that you want to rush into. Instead, you should reset Blush Blush when you know that you are stuck on a certain level.

Before you reset Blush Blush, make a note of what your score is. Write down the level you are on, your score, and the number of coins you have. It is important to know what you have done wrong so you don’t make the same mistake when you start over again.

Reset Blush Blush when you know that you have completed the level. Resetting a game is not something that you want to do at the last moment before you submit your score. It is better to reset a game when you are on the verge of submitting a bad score.

Reset Blush Blush when you have a break. While you are on the game, resetting is not an option. Instead, you should use this time to study and learn new strategies.


If you are looking for a game to play while you wait for your friend, or to kill time, Blush Blush game is the perfect game for you. You can also play against your friends to see who is better at finding matching pictures. The game has three levels and every level gets harder than the previous one. When to reset Blush Blush depends on you. Just reset when you get stuck, and you will be good to go again. We hope that you enjoy the game!

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