What Are Highest Paying Jobs In Crush Crush

Discover the ultimate money-making jobs in Crush Crush! Find out which professions will make you rich and successful.

Crush Crush is a popular idle dating game where players can interact with various virtual characters and build relationships with them. In order to progress in the game and impress the girls, players need to earn money by performing jobs. These jobs serve as the primary source of income in the game and are essential for buying gifts, taking girls on dates, and advancing relationships. In this article, we will explore the highest paying jobs in Crush Crush and discuss their benefits and requirements.

Jobs in Crush Crush

The Jobs tab in Crush Crush becomes available after Q-Piddy informs players about the need to raise money to pay Cassie’s hospital bill. Initially, only the Fast Food job is accessible, but players can unlock other jobs by meeting their respective skill requirements through hobbies. Each job can be performed multiple times, and with each completion, players can unlock promotions that increase the pay rate. Promotions may also alter the number of time blocks required and the time duration for each completion.

Here is a list of the available jobs in Crush Crush:

LevelTitleEarningsTime$ Per MinNeeded ShiftsTime Blocks$ Per Min per Time BlockTime until promotion
1Burger Flipper$105s$120243$402m
2Bun Toaster$125s$144723$486m
3Onion Rehydrator$145s$1682523$5621m
4Mascot$165s$1921,0083$641h 24m
5Sandwich Artist$185s$2164,5363$726h 18m
6Burger Meister$205s$24022,6803$801d 7h 30m
7Meat Manager$225s$264124,7403$887d 5h 15m
8Hambaron$245s$288748,4403$9643d 7h 30m
9Fry Franchiser$265s$3124,864,8603$104281d 12h 45m
10Beef Chief$305s$360Maxed2$180Maxed

Based on player experiences and feedback, the Space job is considered to be the most lucrative in Crush Crush. It offers the highest earnings per minute, making it a top choice for players looking to maximize their income. The Casino and Legal jobs also offer significant pay rates, although they are slightly lower compared to the Space job.

Space Job

While the Space job is highly recommended, it is worth noting that reaching the highest multipliers and top job levels can still take a considerable amount of time. It may even take months to achieve the desired results. Additionally, some players choose to spend gems to accelerate their progress, as using diamonds can provide a 5x multiplier for certain jobs.

Movies job

Players have shared their strategies for maximizing their earnings in Crush Crush. Many recommend focusing on the Space and Wizard jobs, as they already offer substantial payouts even without any additional multipliers. Some players have found success by combining the Space job with the Wizard job and using diamonds to activate the 5x multiplier, resulting in even higher earnings.

Wizard job

It is important to note that the Space job, Wizard job, and Movies job collectively contribute to approximately 80% of all the money earned in the game. Therefore, players who prioritize these jobs can significantly boost their income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any other jobs in Crush Crush that are worth considering?

A: While the Space job is the highest paying, the Casino and Legal jobs are also viable options for players seeking decent earnings.

Q: How long does it take to unlock all the jobs in Crush Crush?

A: Unlocking all the jobs in Crush Crush depends on meeting the skill requirements through hobbies. The time required varies based on individual gameplay and progression.

Q: Is it worth spending gems or diamonds to accelerate job progression in Crush Crush?

A: This ultimately depends on the player’s preferences and dedication to the game. Using gems or diamonds can speed up job progression, but it is not necessary to enjoy the game.


In Crush Crush, jobs play a crucial role in generating income and progressing through the game. While the Space job is widely regarded as the highest paying job, the Casino and Legal jobs also offer substantial earnings. Players can unlock different jobs by meeting skill requirements through hobbies and can further increase their income by unlocking promotions.

It is essential for players to find a balance between job earnings and their desired progression speed. Some players opt to spend gems or diamonds to accelerate job progression, while others prefer to take a more gradual approach. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and playstyles.

By strategically choosing high-paying jobs and utilizing available multipliers, players can increase their earnings and progress more efficiently in Crush Crush. Whether you aim to impress the virtual characters or simply enjoy the idle dating experience, the highest paying jobs will undoubtedly help you on your journey.

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