How To Get Time Blocks In Blush Blush

Discover the exhilarating secrets of obtaining time blocks in the addictive game Blush Blush! Find out more now!

🕒 How To Get Time Blocks In Blush Blush 🕒

Blush Blush is a fun and addictive game where you can date charming characters and pursue various hobbies and careers. One important aspect of the game is managing your time blocks, which determine how many activities you can engage in at once. In this article, we will explore different ways to acquire time blocks and maximize your gameplay experience. So let’s get started! 💪

Understanding Time Blocks

Time blocks are essential in Blush Blush as they dictate how many hobbies, jobs, and dates you can undertake simultaneously. Initially, you start with 6 time blocks, but you can acquire additional ones through various means. Different activities require different amounts of time blocks, and you must have enough free time blocks to begin any activity. If you lack the necessary time blocks, you will be prompted to purchase more. Here’s a breakdown of how time blocks are distributed:

– Hobbies: Hobbies always require 3 time blocks and can reach a maximum of 36 total in both games.
– Jobs: The requirements for jobs vary based on the specific career and your level of expertise in that career.
– Dates: Dates require anywhere between 3 and 6 time blocks in Crush Crush or 3 and 10 time blocks in Blush Blush, depending on the stage of the relationship.
– Events: Events demand a varying amount of time blocks, and there is no set formula for their requirements.

Acquiring Time Blocks

Now that we understand the importance of time blocks, let’s explore the different ways to acquire them in Blush Blush.

1. Achievements: Blush Blush rewards you with a time block for every 5 achievements you earn. Currently, you can earn a total of 68 time blocks through achievements. It’s worth noting that the number of achievable time blocks may increase with future updates and additions.

2. Store: Q-Bae, a character in the game, gives you 5 free time blocks from the store at the beginning of your gameplay. The store might offer additional time blocks for purchase, allowing you to expand your time block capacity.

3. Events: Occasionally, events within the game may offer time blocks as rewards. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to participate to earn extra time blocks.

4. Daily Tasks: Daily tasks can also provide time blocks as rewards. Even after completing all achievements, you may still receive time blocks as occasional rewards through daily tasks. While they might not be frequent, it’s a valuable way to acquire time blocks for free.

5. Limited Time Events (LTE): LTEs are special events that offer rewards upon completion, including time blocks. However, these events require a significant number of time blocks to participate in and do not occur frequently.

To fully maximize your gameplay experience and have all available jobs active at once, you will need a maximum of 194 time blocks (beginning level at all jobs). However, the minimum requirement is 77 time blocks when all jobs are fully leveled up.

Other Considerations

In addition to time blocks, there are other resources to manage in Blush Blush, such as money, affection, and diamonds. Money is earned through active jobs and is used for dates and buying gifts. Affection is gained through gifts and dates and plays a role in advancing your relationships. Diamonds are the premium currency in the game and can be used for various purposes, including purchasing time blocks, speed boosts, outfits, and more.

It’s important to balance your resources effectively to progress through the game efficiently. Consider the following tips:

– Dates are more efficient than gifts at lower Prestige levels, as they provide a higher return on affection. However, they require both time blocks and actual time.
– As you advance through different stages with each character, the cost of dates increases. Be prepared to allocate more time blocks and money for higher phases.
– Performing jobs regularly will earn you promotions, increasing the amount of money you make from each job payout.
– Diamonds, earned through achievements or in-app purchases, can be used to enhance your gameplay experience. They can be used to gild jobs and hobbies, skip resets, and serve as an alternative to cash.


Q: Are there any other ways to get time blocks in Blush Blush?
A: Yes, aside from achievements, store purchases, events, and daily tasks, limited-time events (LTEs) also offer time blocks upon completion. However, LTEs require a significant number of time blocks to participate in and are not available frequently.

Q: Can I earn time blocks even after finishing all achievements?
A: Absolutely! Daily tasks occasionally offer time blocks as rewards, even after completing all achievements. While they may not be very frequent, it’s still a great way to earn time blocks for free.

Q: Are diamonds essential for acquiring time blocks?
A: Diamonds are the premium currency in Blush Blush and can be used to purchase time blocks. However, there are other ways to acquire time blocks without spending diamonds, such as through achievements, store rewards, events, and daily tasks.

🔚 Conclusion

In conclusion, managing time blocks effectively is crucial to progress in Blush Blush. By acquiring time blocks through achievements, store rewards, events, and daily tasks, you can ensure that you have enough resources to pursue hobbies, jobs, and dates simultaneously. Balancing your resources, such as money, affection, and diamonds, is also important for a smooth gameplay experience. So go ahead, dive into the world of Blush Blush, and make the most of your time blocks to forge meaningful relationships and unlock exciting adventures! 🌟

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