The school year ending is always an exciting time; with the prospect of an endless summer, no more classes, not having to deal with idiotic people daily, more hobby time (hopefully), and being able to spend two solid months with my girls.  It’s always a relief to begin a long vacation, despite loving my job. […]

Every gaming system has them, and you’ve probably used them before!  We’re talking about House Rules.  Did you know in Monopoly, you’re not supposed to collect the income and property tax money in the middle of the board for landing on Free Parking? That’s a very common house rule not covered in the official rulebook. […]

So this year I’m starting a new trend in my hobbying, and I’m welcoming any and all to participate in it!  As the new year rolls in, I’m going to outline a set of goals and resolutions I aim to work toward over the course of this new year.  They can be small, huge, silly, […]