How To Change Your Birthday In Obey Me?

Changing your birthday in Obey Me does require some work but it’s worth it for a more enjoyable experience with friends! Let’s get started.

Can You Change Your Birthday In Obey Me?

Yes, you can. Obey Me is a popular game that lets you create profiles and characters to represent your friends. You can also add personal details like your pet, birthday, voice, and interests…but what if you want to change any of these? Changing these details in Obey Me isn’t as easy as it sounds. Thankfully, there are ways to get around the restrictions so you can change your profile.

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How To Change Your Birthday In Obey Me?

You would need to contact the Obey Me creators and request a birthday change. You may do this inside the game by selecting Inquiries > Contact Us from the upper-right corner of the home screen. Simply specify that you want to change your birthday, mention the birthday you have now, and then the new date you want to change.

Give them some time and they’ll get back to you asking for some info. Once you provide the needed info, they’ll change the birthday for you. Keep in mind that they will only do this for you once, so make sure you pick the day you really want!

Obey Me What Happens On Your Birthday?

Everyone in the Devildom would welcome you to the event page on your birthday. You’ll get text messages from each of the brothers (except Belphegor) at various intervals during the day. Most notably, you have a birthday summoning page with a guaranteed UR for 10x pulls.

Interactions are completely successful, with hearts, sparkles, and no bad reactions. Use this time to increase your closeness with them.

During special guest encounters, you’ll receive “special” responses and presents from each of them. You may experiment with swapping out the cards to receive various visitors and their presents. You’ll also get a lot of material in your mailbox.


That’s how to change your birthday in Obey Me. By following these instructions, you can change your birth date in the app and celebrate your real-life birthday. Bear in mind that only players over the age of 16 can use the app so you will need to wait until you’re of legal age before you can play!

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