how to cancel obey me vip

How To Cancel Obey Me Vip?

We have provided all the necessary details on how you can cancel your Obey Me Vip subscription below.

We have provided all the necessary details on how you can cancel your Obey Me Vip subscription below.

What Does Vip In Obey Me Do?

Akuzon provides a monthly VIP membership service with a variety of features. Here are all of the features of VIP membership:

  1. VIP Login Bonus, so you can acquire additional stuff to aid you out in the Devildom!
  2. Content on DevilTube!
  3. Monthly exclusive item sets are worth $0.99 and $4.99 (USD).
  4. Wait for less in Nightmare to summon for free!
  5. Your maximum AP will rise, allowing you to participate in more fights!
  6. Get more player EXP, so you can quickly level up!
  7. Two additional job openings!
  8. You have a better chance of receiving drops when you complete a task!
  9. Get access to Akuzon’s special VIP Item Sets!

Is Obey Me Vip Worth It?

Obey Me Vip is definitely worth it. For example, you earn 2x the experience, which is good for quick leveling, but you won’t have enough DP to purchase the level-up pack. To compensate, you must purchase extra DP. In other words, in order to fully use the VIP, you must also be able to meet the quality of the additional features provided.

There are several VIP bonuses (features and additional voice lines), but they just serve to promote you rather than provide you with premium dollars. Yes, you will get 60DP (100 more if you remain enrolled), however, you will use it to purchase the level-up bundle later. You may obtain additional employment openings, but you currently have jobs.

You may earn 20 extra AP, but you can get that on a regular basis. New speech lines may be heard on the main screen, however, there aren’t many. I’m suggesting that if you don’t need it, it’s better not to purchase it.

Obey Me Free Devil Points

How Much Is Vip In Obey Me?

VIP membership is free for 7 days per user account, after which it costs $9.99 (USD) each month.

How To Cancel Obey Me Vip?

Just log in to your account and go to your account settings. From here, tap Subscriptions > Cancel Subscriptions.

What happens when you cancel your subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be charged for the program and you will no longer receive the program’s content. Canceling your subscription to Obey Me Vip will not affect your access to Obey Me.


Obey Me Vip is a great option that can help you increase your experience game. The diversity of individuals will radically alter the plot’s course, providing players with fresh mysteries or discoveries in everything. Each character has depth and significant connections, such as personality, look, and expression, which makes every encounter vibrant and hilarious. Furthermore, depending on the path, the treatment of each individual varies, providing unexpected outcomes as players seek genuine love.

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