Expanding Farms On Island Questaway

Calling all islanders! 🗺️ Are you looking for a way to expand your family’s farm in Island Questaway? 🚜 Look no further! In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide on how to unlock the gate behind the barn and optimize the layout of your farm to discover hidden areas and treasures. 🔮 We will explain how to level up, gather resources, construct buildings, and purchase farm improvements to increase the energy cap. 🔋 By the end of this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to upgrade your farm and expand your gameplay possibilities. 💫

How To Expand Farm In Island Questaway?

How To Expand Farm In Island Questaway: Level up to increase energy cap and unlock new areas. Purchase farm improvements, build and upgrade structures on family estate. Adjust farm layout to check for potential treasures and gather resources for constructions. Also refine available resources from certain farm buildings.

Unlock New Areas

Players of Island Questaway will be excited to discover that unlocking new areas of the farm opens up exploration and customization possibilities! One of the most important steps in unlocking new areas on the farm is leveling up. Players should advance their characters by completing quests, solving puzzles, and accomplishing side missions. By doing so, the energy cap of the player’s island family increases, paving the way for a climb of levels and unlocking new zones on the farm. As of now, the gate at the back of the barn is locked and cannot be opened, however, players have banded together to encourage the game developers to open this entrance in a later update. Until then, discovering the hidden areas behind buildings is the only way to access further areas of the farm. 🗝️

Upgrade Structures

Improving structures on the farm is one way to partially open the doors to expanding the farm in Island Questaway. Players can purchase a range of farm improvements, seeds, animals, and buildings to upgrade their properties. Resources such as gold, coins, and materials can be harvested from obstacles, grown on the farm, and refined through certain farm buildings. However, the developers have yet to open the gate at the back of the barn, despite player requests. Leveling up is still the most reliable way to unlock new areas and progress through the game. 🔨

Gather Resources

Exploring the farm and gathering resources is essential to progress in Island Questaway. If the player doesn’t have enough resources for certain items, the game will typically highlight where the materials can be harvested or refined. As of yet, players have cleared all other areas of the farm and completed other tasks, but the gate behind the barn remains locked. The developers have of course been contacted multiple times regarding this, but they have not provided a specific solution or timeline. 🔎


Q: Can I expand the farm in Island Questaway?
A: You can unlock new areas and upgrade structures on the farm to expand it. However, the gate at the back of the barn cannot be opened as the developers have not yet expanded that portion of the game.

Q: What can I do to expand the farm?
A: You can level up by completing quests, solving puzzles, and accomplishing side missions, which increases the energy cap and unlocks new areas on the farm for exploration. You can also upgrade your structures on the farm by purchasing improvements, seeds, animals, and buildings. Moving structures in order to optimize the farm layout is also recommended, as this may help you access hidden areas.


In conclusion, Island Questaway provides players with a variety of ways to expand their island farm. Currently, the gate at the back of the barn is still locked and inaccessible, however the developers are actively working on updates to expand the farm. Although nothing has been shared in terms of exact dates, players are encouraged to level up, upgrade their structures, and explore the fogged areas of the farm in order to unlock new zones and progress further in the game. 🤗

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