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Like what you see?  Do you want to donate to the cause?  Every dollar is appreciated, and does so much to help me bring you more content, regularly!  I do what I can with my (nearly nonexistent) hobby budget, so I’m testing the waters with a donation button.  Throw a couple bucks my way for a coffee, or just a note of encouragement in the form of a comment!  Every bit of support (monetary or otherwise) is amazing, and it is because of y’all that I am motivated to even keep this blog running! I’ll probably just use proceeds to buy airfare to Adepticon. 😂

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What donations pay for:

  • Web hosting services / upgrades to Discord server
  • Hobby stuff for reviews / giveaways / secret santa
  • Hobby stuff for my high school wargaming club that I run (besides student armies, I pay for stuff out-of-pocket).
  • Coffee / pizza / Agrax Earthshade

What I offer:

  • Community-wide initiatives like the #hohohobbyvices Secret Santa project, or the #hobbyresolution20XX hobby pledges!
  • Narrative-driven campaigns and stories for you to enjoy, and even participate in!
  • How-to’s and tutorials!
  • A free Discord server for the entire Warhammer community!
  • Featured guest articles!