The Hero Cast: A New Podcast!

Well, here it is! Me and Dan Gomez, fellow Warhammer Hero decided to give the podcasting thing a try. He’s been producing a great one on his own for a while (and will continue to do so) over at the Havoc Cast, check it out!

We wanted to give this a try and see how we like it. It’ll just be two dudes talking hobby. Whether we have 1 listener (hi, mom) or 1,000 it won’t matter – this is just an extension of the hobby for us! We’re hoping to bring in guests for chats, talk new releases, and generally focus on the passions of the hobby that we are all involved in.

This was my first ever podcast, so I’m pretty nervous, but hoping it smooths out as time goes on. Please let me know what you think, especially if you have any great ideas to discuss!


  1. I can not seem to get the pod thingy to play when I press play button. Is my machine spirit due for a Purge or do I need to click elsewhere? Also, Hey, just discovered your blog… I am a Warhammer fan, eventhough I do not own one mini, I do own a lot of books, seems the reading bug caught me harder than the actual hobby…

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