The Endimius Campaign

For years — no, decades — my good friend and wargaming conspirator Kyle (@Kyle.Haydon) have fought against (and with) each other over countless battlefields. Through myriad game systems, we are always looking for an engaging experience, and have long dreamed of a major narrative campaign that adds substance and meaning to our otherwise one-shot games. We’ve established loose stories before, and had moderate success with narrative development, but we craved something more.

So, after many long years, we’ve done it. Finally! Within a handful of weeks, we will unveil the Endimius Campaign, a global campaign for Warhammer 40,000.

The intent is to provide a lasting framework of narrative to anyone that wants to participate, and at any level of commitment. One doesn’t need to stay continually up-to-date on the events of the campaign, nor religiously check notifications to stay relevant. A simple pick-up game can be applied to the formula, if that’s all you’re able to commit, and it will indeed impact the overall story arc. We do, of course, want you to be invested and interested — but the idea that all levels of commitment are welcome is key, here.

Albie (@Albatron) has been slaving over a gorgeous campaign map for us, and he’s gone and animated it. Hover over a planet and you’ll get an information panel, click on it to jump directly to that warzone! Planetary and warzone pages will feature unique missions to play, and special rules to apply to your games if you so desire. Your wins (and losses!) will be tallied on a submission form and it will effect the outcome of the Endimius Sector, a region constantly in a state of warfare.

I can’t give too much away yet, apart from sprinkling the seeds of hype. Because I know this will be so much fun to get gamers from all over the world battling toward a singular end goal: complete destruction of your enemies!

Stay tuned on my Instagram page (@hobbyvices) or our Discord server (link on bottom of menu bar here), and let me know what you think!

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