Recent Progress on the 5th Company (and More!)

So I haven’t done a progress update in quite some time.  It’s been so long, in fact, that I am now nearly done with a complete company of Imperial Fists.  And not just the 5th Company, but a considerable — dare I say, complete — addition of 1st Company.  This, of course also includes about 35 scouts, with their land speeder.  So I may as well claim to have a significant 10th Company presence as well!  And you know what?  I have an Inquisitor, with a little retinue, and attached Deathwatch squad.  My “small Imperial Fists force” now sits at a hefty 13,500+ points!

This past week or two I’ve been refurbishing some secondhand miniatures that came my way.  Most from Kyle, some from students – but I’ve traded away various bits and bobs from my dwindling Astra Militarum collection or small wads of cash for the mighty host arrayed before me.  Two Vindicators, a Stormraven, five shotgun scounts with Landspeeder Storm, and some Hellblasters have all been on my bench this week.  I also worked out a Culexus Assassin I snagged at my last visit to Games Workshop: Riverbend in New Orleans, because I’ve loved the model for ages.  I also have some loyal Instagram followers sending me some other stuff, like Centurions (in exchange for the Fortress of Redemption angel tower), some Space Wolf cavalry (mounts only), and [REDACTED] for a top secret project, which I’m most excited about.  In addition to these projects, I’ve also secured through the arcane magicks of eBay another Imperial Sector terrain box, which also had two Basilica Administratum sets lumped in.  Needless to say I have enough terrain now.

The Stormraven and two Vindicators are what I’m most eager to use, lately.  The Linebreaker Bombardment stratagem is begging to be used, especially on the hordes I typically face with my regular Ork and Tyranid opponents/colleagues.  And the Stormraven will be an eagerly accepted transport for my melee Centurions and whatever flavor of dreadnought I decide to drop right into the heart of whatever delicious target presents itself.  Moreover, the visual of three Vindicators in formation plowing across the enemy lines is the most “Imperial Fist” thing I can imagine.  Especially knowing that the stratagem can be used after an advance move, getting me within the necessary 24″ of whatever target presents itself, and I get to place a 6″ template which deals 3D3Mortal Wounds to all affected units on a 4+ (or 3+ for units of 10 or more models, or 5+ for characters).  The best part? I can charge the damn tanks into the depleted battle lines after they unleash their volley.  How hilariously thematic is that?

The Srormraven will give me some much needed mobility in my very static army.  I do have Rhinos / Razorbacks for 80% of my force, and a Spartan Assault Tank, but having the flyer go a million inches a turn is more than enough reason to grab it.  Just need to make sure it can survive a turn of shooting..  Any ideas on that front?

I think my next major work day will be spent tinkering with my Inquisitor and her retinue.  I have a bunch of old Empire bits, various fun grimdark bits, and all sorts of ideas and inspiration to make at least a squad of Crusaders.  Though I will likely try a Daemonhost or two as well, and maybe some Astra Militarum branded <Imperium> Psykers as well, so I can put my Assassin in a proper battle-forged formation at minimal cost.

Looking forward to wrapping up my crusade force!  Though I guess I never really finish, do I..?

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  1. I love the write up and tid bits of rules and how they work together with which units! Keep it up dude, I look forward to the inevitable “complete army” shot!

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