Rebuilding a World for 8th Edition

I’ve always loved terrain.  It adds a certain level of drama and a narrative quality to games that can really set a match off as something truly cinematic.  My fondest memories of the hobby from years past is pouring over the White Dwarf magazines and seeing battle reports or hobby articles with very well made tables and immersive landscapes to push our little metal (plastic!) men around on.

Old school battle reports were the shit.

So with the school club I run, I decided to bring my terrain collection to keep at school.  It allows the group to play games at lunch with at least a decent level of terrain and to really sell the game as a polished product where we’re not using cardboard boxes and paper.  My collection had many ruined buildings, some statues, a landing pad, some trees – all the usual stuff you’d expect.

But then 8th Edition dropped almost a year ago, and I’m realizing our terrain needs are also changing.  So, long story short, I decided that we needed larger, more substantial structures to block line of sight, and to give bigger platforms to put units “inside” the footprint of the occupying structure.  Conveniently, one of my senior students had a brand new Imperial Sector set, the same one I used to make 5-6 buildings for personal use, and later, the club.  I offered him a trade: all of my Imperial Sector buildings pre-made and painted for his unopened box.  He gladly accepted (as a high school student he doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to hobbying, much less mundane terrain building!

So with a fresh pile of plastic, I set out to make a large, single structure out of all the components.  It would be a large adminstratum building with a tower of some sort connected by means of a large walkway.  I figure I can get another of these sets to make a pair of similarly large buildings to bulk up our table, not only with LoS blocking structures, but also elevating the game vertically (where previous buildings were maybe two levels tall, the current project is five).

I love the compatibility of these kits.  All of them work seamlessly together and it’s really a nice effort by Games Workshop to ensure they can mesh together to allow you to go nuts with building.  The Shrine of the Aquila panels are two and three “city” panels wide respectively, the bastion kits are three panels wide, etc.  I can’t wait to get my two Shrine of the Aquila kits back home to dismantle them and make a truly impressive cathedral (with stained glass windows!).  I can’t recommend their terrain kits enough, and they’re not outrageously expensive, at that!

Here’s the current state of the project, but it’ll be ongoing!  When paired with my fortress designs I’m working on, it’ll definitely round out a decent sized table.  Looking forward to making a ‘big’ table worth of terrain!

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