Hobby Resolution 2018


A year ago, I started an initiative on Instagram with the hashtag #hobbyresolution2017.  It gained a decent amount of attention in the following year, and I was thrilled to see so many hobbyists pledge their resolutions and devote themselves to achieving something they set their mind to do.  What’s more, I’m seeing hundreds of people appropriating the hashtag (likely without ever seeing my content!) which leads me to believe its being shared a lot more than I truly see via direct interaction!  The compelling part, to me, was that it wasn’t some unrealistic goal to, say, buy a Warlord Titan.  These aren’t pipe dreams.  These are realistic, achievable goals that we can use to compartmentalize our sometimes overwhelming hobby to-do list.  People are encouraged to even change their list as often as they like, whenever they like — because restricting yourself for a whole year with an absolute set-in-stone list is ridiculous, you’d be setting yourself up for failure.

I would say the 2017 resolutions were a resounding success!  So, naturally, I’m kicking it off again.  I encourage any of you to make your own list, and use it to motivate yourself throughout the year, I’ll be checking in periodically to see how y’all progress is going!

Here’s my 2018 list:

– [ ] Finish painting my entire two space marine companies of Imperial Fists (I’m so close!).
– [ ] Finish painting 2,000 points of T’au and play with them at least once!
– [ ] Buy the plastic Dorn primarch when he is absolutely released for 40k… 😏
– [ ] Grow my school’s wargaming club to get a few more members that may be shy about joining.
– [ ] Build a small “fortress monastery” terrain piece for my Fists.
– [ ] Enter Armies on Parade / Inner Circle and place in the top three (if such a ranking exists!).

– [ ] Finish building / painting my 12th SS Bolt Action force.
– [ ] Reach 4,000 quality community followers and maintain a relationship with those that shape my own hobby experience.
– [ ] Host another “Secret Santa” event next Christmas and include more people from all over!
– [ ] Find time for my hobby while balancing having a beautiful family that deserves the most time!
– [ ] Progress our narrative campaign and try to include “you guys” in some results!
– [ ] Try to be a positive influence on the hobby community.

– [ ] Build a third and final Knight Titan for Legio Astorum.
– [ ] Find more creative ways to engage the community.
– [ ] Read / listen to more Black Library books.
– [ ] Create more art to supplement my narrative ideas and visual identity of my forces.
– [ ] Tweak this blog / website to better integrate with my Instagram presence.


Only a week into the new year we already have 450+ posts that used the #hobbyresolution2018 hashtag!  That’s over a hundred more than participated for the entirety of last year.  What are y’alls lists? Let’s hear it!

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