Hobby Resolution 2017

So this year I’m starting a new trend in my hobbying, and I’m welcoming any and all to participate in it!  As the new year rolls in, I’m going to outline a set of goals and resolutions I aim to work toward over the course of this new year.  They can be small, huge, silly, abstract – whatever! I’m posting mine below, but I encourage you to create your own list, and to share it here or on Instagram with me!  

As you complete your goals, you’re encouraged to make a celebratory post letting the community at large know of your accomplishment!  No resolution is too small – and you should be proud to have accomplished even the simpler of tasks on your list.  It can be added on and fleshed out at any point in the year, this isn’t set in stone!

So without further ado, here’s mine, in no particular order:

  • Finish building my Imperial Fist Demi-Company.
  • Paint each squad of my Demi-Company to completion.
  • Add at least one formation to the Demi-Company and build / paint it.
  • Install LED lights to all possible vehicles.
  • Finish my Tau Optimized Stealth formation.
  • Play at least one official tournament in 2017 (of any game system).
  • Enter Armies on Parade 2017 and place either  2nd or 1st in the competition, improving over my 3rd place last year.
  • Finish my 12th SS Bolt Action force.
  • Get 1,500 followers on Instagram, through quality work and community experience; not gimmicky resolution challenges.. oh, wait.
  • Develop and improve our school gaming club (in any way).
  • More to come..!

So that’s where I’m starting, I’ll definitely add more in the next few days and weeks. Hopefully you guys can follow suit, and tag your posts (#hobbyresolution2017)  so we can all follow along and encourage one another. 

I invite you to comment below with your list, as I’d love to see what other people come up with, or what you aim to work on!  Let’s hear it!

Andrew Dart, @hobbyvices


  1. – Paint both my Firestorm Armada task forces to tabletop quality
    -Play a game of firestorm without needing to check the rules more than twice
    -get the starter force of my orks painted and based to the best quality I can produce
    -play my first game of 40,000 since I was 13 with my old space marine force and my fully painted ork starter force

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