Playing the Villain: The 177th Stygian Cataphracts

I find a strong balance of both good and evil forces integral to motivating my own hobby drive and “forging” my own narrative, as it were.  Having opposing forces fuels my imagination in building my forces, as I can play out possible scenarios in my head to get a feel for the style of armies I wish to make.  I tend to build highly thematic armies that don’t necessarily lend themselves to competitive play, so this narrative aspect is very satisfying to me!  It’s why I built a fairly weak mono-Khorne Chaos Space Marine army some years ago, or an all Night Goblin army back when Fantasy was at its height.

That being said, my Imperial Fists are obviously my protagonists in this campain.  At the other end of this wide spectrum are my Renegades, the 177th Stygian Cataphracts, an entire regiment of guardsmen who have fallen to the atrophied graces of Nurgle.   Their countless ranks have been guided by a malicious will to a shrine world where hundreds of millions of interred martyrs lay entombed  beneath a great cathedral complex housing the relics of Saint Theodric.  The renegade’s motives are unknown, but it cannot bode well for such a sacred system that receives billions of pilgrims annually.

Modeling-wise, the force will consist of several full strength platoons of infantry (currently I have 70 built, with additional complement of heavy weapon sections), Chimera transports for the engineers (veterans), renegade Ogryn brutes, two demolishers, five Leman Russ battle tanks, two Wyvern / Hydra platforms, a Baneblade, with Valkyrie support.  This force will be led by a renegade Colonel, who is merely a tool for the true leader – a unit of rogue psykers led by a Primaris Witch.  These former Astropaths have tasted the Warp, and were brought to heel under the malignant forces of Chaos.  They now control several regiments of guardsmen, a compliment of naval vessels, and are capable of summoning powerful daemons of Nurgle from the Warp itself to challenge any who dare oppose the corrupting influence of Chaos.  

It seems my Imperial Fists have their work cut out for them!

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