A New Blog, A New Army

I’ve been playing tabletop wargames for nearly 20 years, ranging from historicals to the ubiquitous fantasy and Sci-Fi games that dominate the market today.  With this new blog we are launching, I thought it fitting to reboot my very first Warhammer 40,000 army – Space Marines.

I think everyone played Space Marines at some point in their gaming career, honestly.  I took some detours along the way with Orks, Chaos Marines and Daemons, Grey Knights, Renegade Guardsmen (Imperial Armour: 13 is a great book!) and even dabbling in Tau – but it appears I’ve come full circle back to Marines.  So I poured over the narrative fluff (all of my armies are entirely fluffy, much to the disdain of my competitive sensibilities) and decided on the 5th Company of Imperial Fists.  I enjoy their story of being the Emperor’s guard, the defenders of Terra, and that bold yellow scheme will be a welcome challenge to paint (coming from a guy that put 628 layers of Bad Moon Yellow on his Night Goblins in the 90’s).  The army itself will be what I’m calling “35k” in that it’s not am actual heresy force, and not a straight-out-the-box 40,000 force – it is obviously a legal Warhammer: 40,000 army, but the armor and look will try to convey that the soldiers are wearing ancient suits of armor, relics of the chapter, perhaps some that saw service beside the Emperor himself.  I’ll be mixing in Mk IV suits of armor, contemptor dreadnoughts, and other bits into the whole army.  The good news is that they’re a very strong contender in competitive play, if I choose to enter tournaments, but that’s secondary for me – I’m certainly no power gamer.

So with my $500+ I collected from eBaying off the Khorne Marine force I’d collected over the past few years, I trawled eBay and discount retailers for what ultimately will become my Imperial Fist Demi-Company:

  • 4x Tactical Squads (one Mk IV for intermixing / variety)
  • 1x Devastator Squad
  • 1x Assault Squad
  • 1x Sternguard Veterans
  • 1x Vanguard Veterans
  • 1x Captain
  • 1x Forge World Contemptor
  • 1x Imperial Fist Legion Standard Bearer (FW)
  • 1x Set of Imperial Fist Legion torsos (FW)
  • 1x set of Imperial Fist Phalanx Warder upgrades (FW)

The idea is to use three tactical squads with various pieces / complete sets of Mk IV armor mixed in to give a more “venerable” appearance to the company.  I’ll use the 4th box to round out the Devastators to 10-men, and build a finished command squad and a few extra Sternguard with the extra gubbinz and odd figures I’ll have.  The Phalanx shields and shoulders will go on the Vanguard Veteran squad to act as a breaching unit – we are siege breakers, after all!  I’ll be completing the Contemptor Dreadnought for #Dreadtober, so stay tuned for updates on that (as it’s already underway, I’ll backlog some entries or just compile them into one post!).

Then I’ll mount them all in Rhinos, saddle up, and ride into the sunset while purging the unclean.   It feels good to do some classic Marines again, but this time they won’t be playing on golf courses:


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